Bloomberg via Youtube

One of the public images of an artist is that he or she presents a breakaway from the things already existing. In that, Zhang Huan has taken steps to always surprise the public as an artist. The start of Zhang Huan’s steps was his first performance, which embarrassed Chinese people. Afterwards, he went to and returned from New York, suddenly embraced Buddhism, and presented sculpture installations, which are totally new compared to his performances that made him one of the world’s famous artists.In fact, to Zhang Huan, a medium is a means, not an end. He reasonably chose depending on his attraction inside. Only the appearances of the works are different, while the subject of the works is narrowed down to the lives of the individuals and study on the inner side of the artist himself. Brilliant Ideas Episode #18 brought to you by Bloomberg and Hyundai Motor features Zhang Huan, who is curious about the life of himself and the lives of people more than anyone else.

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