Bloomberg via Youtube

Abraham Cruzvillegas is Mexico’s quintessential conceptual artist whose works are often based on his architectural studies. He believes that architecture is linked to a person’s identity, further expanding to the person’s town, city, and nation, revealing the connection between people. Selected for the inaugural Hyundai Commission for the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern, Abraham Cruzvillegas presents a new large-scale installation.Turbine Hall is the world’s most spacious installation venue, and befitting it, the installation is incredibly large in scale, and many have referenced it as Mega Art. Cruzvillegas previously stated that this exhibition would be an exhaustive summary of the art world he presented through previous works.

In the thirteenth episode of Brilliant Ideas presented by Bloomberg and Hyundai, readers are invited to experience Abraham Cruzvillegas’ unique world of art, beginning with his new installation work.

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