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Our fascination with Aussie creatures, especially koalas, has been on the rise this year. During Australia’s devastating bushfires—which endangered thousands of koalas—search interest for koalas hit an all-time high globally in January and we even worried they may be extinct (thankfully, we can confirm they aren’t). 

Here’s a list of the top worldwide trending questions this year so far for the Aussie AR animals you’ll now get to meet in Search: 

  1. Are koalas extinct 2020?

  2. What does a baby platypus look like?

  3. Can an emu fly?

  4. How many koalas have died?

  5. How big are wombats?

  6. Are koalas friendly?

  7. How do koalas drink water?

  8. What does the inside of a kangaroo pouch look like?

  9. Can koalas be pets?

  10. How are baby kangaroos born?

While most of us can’t travel to the Aussie outback right now, you can learn about these animals from the comfort of your couch or picnic rug.  Search for these Aussie AR animals on your mobile or tablet today so you can paddle with a platypus, cackle with a kookaburra and meet your new mARsupial mates!

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