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Saving, Studying and Coming Back STRONG! | STR 266

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While it certainly is not the glamorous pathway to take, sometimes the best solution for problems is to take a step back and put yourself through unfavorable steps. I welcome back long time member Kainoa and he updates us on everything that has been occurring in his journey. As a small spoiler, he has had to make some tough decisions over the past couple of years that were not easy or enjoyable; however, as you will see, they have proven to be the wise actions to take. I really enjoyed this conversation as it does a great job of illustrating (and hopefully reassuring some of you) that there is no shame in hitting the pause button and reevaluating your current location in your trading journey. Hitting the pause button and “doing what needs to be done” is not always going to be rainbows and butterflies, but if you want success it’s what needs to be done.

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