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Matteo Salvini, the deputy prime minister of Italy and leader of the nationalist League Movement, called for a “Trump-style” revolution in his cash-strapped country.

As The Express notes, Salvini has clashed with Brussels over Italy’s budget proposals and has also enraged European Union bosses with his hardline stance on immigration. And his proposals for tax reforms inspired by those passed introduced in the US by Mr Trump’s White House administration are sure to ruffle more feathers in Europe.

“I want a Trump-style revolution for Italy.

The only way to reduce public debt is by growing and cutting taxes.

That’s why a Trump-like revolution is dear to my heart.

I won’t compromise on taxes. The whole government team must believe in this.”

Salvini dismissed reports of rifts within the coalition government.

“I have absolute trust in Conte and the government.

I carry forward decrees, I do not listen to background noise.

No one likes rows. I close my mouth and my ears and I look forward.

Today I hope to bring home the security decree, it’s my job.”

Additionally, the deputy Italian PM took credit for a clampdown on migrants trying to enter Italy illegally via the Mediterranean.

“I reduced the landings by 90 percent. There were 11,000 last year, today they are 1,100.

I don’t need to do anything else, the landings have been reduced and the expulsions are twice the amount of arrivals.

I don’t need new ideas and what I’m doing I’m doing it without Europe, alone and with this government.”

Italy goes to the polls on Sunday in the European elections but Mr Salvini would not be drawn on predictions.

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