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Russia’s Only Aircraft Carrier Has Erupted In Flames

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According to TASS News and social media footage, a fire has erupted onboard Russia’s only aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, at a naval dock in Murmansk, northwest Russia. The aircraft carrier was undergoing repairs and maintenance when fuel tanks caught fire.

RT News reports a “blaze was sparked by welding in the first power section on the ship’s deck, after which the fire spread to a space of 600 square meters.”

The Emergencies Ministry told TASS that “three people have been injured. All of them are receiving medical assistance,” adding that, “Eight people have been rescued by the emergencies services and firefighters, and one person has gone missing.” 

Aleksey Rakhmanov, head of the state-run United Shipbuilding Corporation, told Interfax that the fire was possibly sparked by “a human factor.” 

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Russia’s only aircraft carrier had been undergoing repairs and maintenance since the second half of 2017, after performing combat missions in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, providing air support for the Bashar al-Assad government of Syria in the country’s near-decade civil war.

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