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Despite supporting President Trump’s legislative agenda roughly two-thirds of the time (though he recently made a show of opposing the president’s border-emergency order), Michigan Rep. Justin Amash tweeted Saturday that he believes the president should be impeached, a position that will undoubtedly alienate him from his Republican peers, becoming the first elected Republican to endorse that position.

Not only did the Mueller Report show that Trump engaged in what Amash called “impeachable conduct”, but Amash criticized Attorney General Barr, whom he accused of deliberately trying to distort the report’s conclusions (keep in mind, Mueller has confirmed that Barr’s representations of the report’s findings were ‘factually accurate’).


In an epic, seemingly apropos-of-nothing tweetstorm, Amash concluded that “partisanship has eroded our system of checks and balances,” and that “few members of Congress have read the Mueller report,” which clearly suggests that Trump may have committed serious offenses related to obstruction of justice.

Rather than attack President Trump, Amash emphasized that the standard on impeachable “does not even require probable cause,” which doesn’t sound like a great excuse for impeaching someone.

After a certain point, it started to seem like Amash’s tweetstorm might have been spurred by anger at his colleagues for not bothering to have read the Mueller report.

Amash’s tirade should boost his credentials as a leader of what’s left of the #NeverTrump movement, though as we’re sure even he would admit, what’s left isn’t much. What’s worse, his tirade went viral, and likely drew the White House’s attention.

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Some were quick to label Amash ‘the new Jeff Flake.’

Others threatened to primary him.

Even Romney, seen as Trump’s biggest antagonist in the Senate, doesn’t see a case for impeachment.

The notion that a Republican would oppose Trump certainly doesn’t seem like one that’s rooted in notions of good politics. Trump has a 90% approval rating among Republicans and is a lock for renomination at the 2020 convention. His campaign war chest already has $30 million in it. Very few Republicans will likely back Amash’s decision, though we wouldn’t be surprised to see Amash welcome sympathy from the left.

Amash is a libertarian and a member of the Freedom Caucus. We imagine his conservative colleagues in the House, who are among the most loyal to Trump, will treat him after his latest tirade.

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