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Since joining the senate at the beginning of the year as perhaps the last remaining openly #NeverTrump Republican, Mitt Romney has occupied a position once held by another former senator from a Western state: John McCain.

But in his latest Twitter tirade about the president’s behavior, Romney apparently touched a nerve.

Trump and Romney during happier times…

In a series of tweets sent yesterday, Romney attacked President Trump’s “brazen and unprecedented” request during a live interview that China and Ukraine investigate any potential wrongdoing by Joe and Hunter Biden.

President Trump, who has apparently abandoned his pledge, reportedly made during the campaign, to stop swearing in public and on twitter, wasn’t thrilled with this attack from a fellow Republican (particularly as Democrats appear to be veering ever-closer to an impeachment vote) and a senator.

In a series of tweets sent Saturday morning, Trump slammed Romney, calling him a “pompous ass”, and relaying an embarrassing story about Romney begging Trump for the secretary of state job that ultimately went to Rex Tillerson…

…Before closing by accusing Romney of being “bad for Republicans.”

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Trump also insisted that his conversation with the Ukrainian President was “congenial and very appropriate”, and that his statement about China and investigating the Bidens was about “corruption not politics.”

Finally, Trump speculated that if Romney had “worked this hard” on Obama, he might have won. But instead, “he choked.”