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French police are conducting an operation in the city of Dijon, which has seen several nights of gang violence in the past week.

Local law enforcement announced the operation in the neighborhoods of Gresilles and Chenove on Friday morning, tweeting photos of officers in action.

Some 150 officers were deployed to search the area for stashed weapons that could have been used in the gang confrontations, according to local media.

The eastern French city has seen several nights of turmoil since last Friday, when ethnic gangs clashed with each other. The violence was reportedly triggered by the death of a Chechen teenager, which his friends blamed on a Maghreb gang and apparently tried to avenge the incident.

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Speeding car FLIPS OVER amid clashes between Chechen and Arab gangs in Dijon, France (VIDEOS)

The skirmishes involved dozens of people and included some really intense moments, including one in which a speeding car was filmed flipping over after apparently attempting to ram a group of armed Chechens.

Six people have been arrested by the police amid the turmoil, with four kept in custody for further prosecution.

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