YouTube banned the channel of a creator with half a million subscribers the day after he released a video decrying censorship and criticizing Vox’s Carlos Maza.

Earlier this month, Maza whipped up a firestorm of outrage after accusing Steven Crowder of using gay slurs against him. This led to Crowder’s channel being demonetized and the #VoxAdPocalypse – which saw thousands of channels deleted or demonetized for ‘hate speech’.

However, the biggest example of censorship occurred today, with Black Pigeon Speaks, a channel that boasted nearly half a million subscribers, being banned by YouTube, with the company providing no reason whatsoever.

Black Pigeon Speaks, a vegan who rescues pigeons, is a moderate centrist who produced polished videos that called out the far-left and social justice warriors. His videos were always carefully worded in order to comply with YouTube’s ever tightening rules, but his entire channel was deleted anyway.

In a prescient prediction of his imminent ban, BPS released a video yesterday in which he warned that independent voices were being “silenced – relentlessly, pathologically and ruthlessly” by Silicon Valley.

In the same video, he also criticized Vox’s Carlos Maza, highlighting an article which asserted that Maza was an activist, not a journalist.

YouTube has truly jumped the shark. Everyone will be banned. And the Trump administration is doing nothing to stop it.


There is a war on free speech. Without your support, my voice will be silenced.

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