A wife scolded her husband after he grounded their 12-year-old daughter for trying to buy sex toys on Amazon.

Yes, really.

In a Reddit post, the husband explains that he caught his daughter “looking at vibrators on Amazon”.

He disciplined the child by confiscating her MacBook and grounding her for a month, only for his wife to immediately reverse the punishment and return the MacBook.


“She was standing right next to her when she said it,” he writes, adding, “They both had their arms crossed. I sat there for a while in silence, dumbfounded at what my wife was doing, and then I refused to give it back. My wife and I argued about it for an hour and then eventually she just gave our daughter the MacBook.”

The man’s wife and daughter then stopped speaking to him altogether and he ended up sleeping on the couch.

“My wife completely punked me out in front of my own child and now it’s going to be impossible to discipline her. Am I the asshole here?” he asks.

In yet another sick twist, one of the top responses to the original post agreed with the actions of the wife, stating, “You really totally fucked up man. This isn’t 1950. If you 12 year old wants to masturbate and have a vibrator, then you have to support her.”


The west is truly finished.

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Via Infowars

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