An irate man broke up a line of Extinction Rebellion protesters who were trying to block a busy intersection in Edmonton, Canada as onlookers cheered.

Footage of the incident shows climate change activists blocking a road while holding a banner that says “walk don’t talk.”

Some of the motorists yell at the demonstrators while the people watching the incident from a nearby office debate whether or not to call the police.

A man is then seen swiping the sign away from the protesters and throwing it over a wall as the people filming the footage burst out in laughter and applause.

He then takes one of the protester’s phones and the line begins to break up as traffic gets moving again.

“That was brilliant,” comments one of the people watching as the female protester proceeds to have a screaming hissy fit.

“That was f**king amazing, that guy’s my hero,” comments another witness.

As we highlighted earlier, angry commuters in London dragged Extinction Rebellion protesters from the roof of a train, accusing the activists of preventing them from being able to put food on the table.


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Via Infowars
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