President Trump’s approval rating has equaled its all time high, which was just after his inauguration, according to Real Clear Politics’ average of polls.

“RCP Average has Trump at 46.0 which is tied for his all time highest approval which was just after his inauguration,” tweeted Tim Pool.

Not only is Trump performing well nationwide, according to Quinnipiac, he is trouncing every single potential Democratic opponent in Wisconsin.

– Trump tops Senator Amy Klobuchar 50 – 39 percent;
– Trump leads Senator Elizabeth Warren 51 – 41 percent;
– Trump beats former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg 49 – 41 percent;
– Trump tops former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg 49 – 41 percent;
– Trump defeats Senator Bernie Sanders 50 – 43 percent;
– Trump is ahead of former Vice President Joe Biden 49 – 42 percent.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough remarked on the poll, tweeting, “Good Lord. Look at Wisconsin. Trump easily beats every Democrat in a state they once owned.”

Following last night’s shambolic Democratic debate, many observers said the clear winner was Trump himself, with Dem candidate Tom Steyer admitting, “Well, I saw the person who won the debate last night whose name is Donald Trump.”

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Immediately after the debate, Trump’s chances of winning re-election soared in betting markets.


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