The media is yet again trying to emotionally manipulate people into accepting open borders by exploiting photos of dead children.

The same press and left-wing talking heads who claim that showing child victims of Islamic terror attacks is “insensitive” are all too willing to share photos of child victims who supposedly died because evil western countries have borders.

“It’s OK when we do it.”

The left has found its new ‘Aylan Kurdi’ – a toddler who washed up dead on a beach in Turkey and whose dead body photo was ruthlessly exploited by progressives to demand western Europe throw open its borders to Middle Eastern migrants.

The latest image shows a man and his 23 month old daughter lying face down dead along the bank of the Rio Grande.

It is now being breathlessly shared by leftists are yet more proof that the Nazi-like Trump administration has enacted policies that are killing brown people en masse.

In reality, as Raheem Kassam points out, the fault for this poor child’s death lies firmly at the feet of numerous entities, none of which are Trump or his administration.

– The child’s parents for making her cross “some of the most perilous terrain on the continent”.

– Mexico for allowing their country to become a conduit for mass illegal immigration.

– Criminal gangs who are responsible for much of the instability in the region.

– Democrats who incentivize illegal immigration by refusing to support sensible border policies.

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– Open borders activists funded by NGOs and corporations who also incentivize dangerous illegal immigration.

The most humanitarian way to prevent tragic scenes like the one above is to disincentivize illegal border crossings.

Matteo Salvini did it and more than halved the number of migrant deaths in the Mediterranean.

If Democrats actually cared about kids dying, they’d help President Trump build the wall.

Do leftists actually want to save the lives of children, or do they want to continue to exploit photos of their dead bodies to score political points and usurp power?

The answer is obvious.


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