‘Woke’ actress Jameela Jamil responded to criticism that as a straight woman she shouldn’t be cast in a new LGBT-interest TV show by suddenly announcing that she was “queer.”

Checkmate, bigots.

Jamil, who relentlessly hypes identity politics and “diversity,” is set to be a judge on a new HBO dance contest show called Legendary.

“The news prompted an online backlash from people who said The Good Place star was not representative of the black LGBT community,” reports the BBC.

Jamil reacted by tweeting a statement that she now identifies “as queer” and only revealed this now at 33-years-old because “it’s not easy within the south Asian community to be accepted.”

She then announced she was logging off from Twitter “because I don’t want to read mean comments dismissing this.”

According to her Wikipedia bio, Jamil has been in a relationship with musician James Blake (a man) since 2015.

“Here you go, Twitter falls for it. SHE’S GOT A BOYFRIEND. You don’t think it’s odd she comes out as “queer” after being criticised for possibly taking a gay person’s place on a show?” asked one respondent.

Next time a woman tells you that as a man you have no right to an opinion on abortion, just respond by announcing you now identify as a woman.

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Same goes for voicing your view on race relations. If someone accuses you of engaging in “white privilege,” just say you’re transracial.

And if you face accusations of “Islamophobia” for criticizing Islam, just temporarily say you’re now a Muslim.

Foolproof. Works every time.


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