Seattle parks are becoming no-go areas for the general public because of spiraling problems with aggressive homeless people and trash.

In an article for KTTH 770, radio host Jason Rantz highlights how Williams Place Park in Capitol Hill, Seattle went from being a friendly local hangout to being “completely trashed” and occupied by naked, aggressive homeless people.

Rantz blames the ineptitude of Councilwoman Kshama Sawant for the problems.

“The park on 15th and East John is a great example of Sawant’s inattention to her own district,” writes Rantz. “Wander by on any morning, as I do every weekend, and you’ll see homeless men and women strewn about. The benches are almost always occupied by a passed out homeless person. There’s trash absolutely everywhere, including, bizarrely, right behind or on top of a nearby trash bin.”

“Sometimes the homeless loiter; other times, they get undressed. Sometimes they argue with each other, and sometimes they just lounge around doing nothing. The park is no longer the community’s — it’s been ceded over to homeless who don’t appear willing to take the city up on resources meant to help them.”

Rantz accuses Sawant of focusing on far-left social justice causes and neglecting her own community.

“If her district is any indication of how the city would look under her brand of Socialism, this entire region is in trouble,” he writes.

As I document in the video below, Los Angeles is experiencing many of the same problems as Seattle, with trash, rats, drug use and homeless threatening to precipitate the return of diseases not seen since medieval times.

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