Vladimir Putin chided Greta Thunberg’s environmental activism by asking her why developing countries should be forced to live in poverty unlike her home country of Sweden.

Thunberg, who has become the 16-year-old poster child for climate change alarmism, has been relentlessly promoted by the establishment in recent weeks.

However, when asked about her message, the Russian President didn’t mince his words.

“Go and explain to developing countries why they should continue living in poverty and not be like Sweden,” said Putin.

“Sure, Greta is kind, but emotions should not control this issue,” he added.

The Russian leader went on to assert that Greta was being used as a mouthpiece by other groups to achieve their political goals.

Last week, Greta filed a complaint with the UN against 5 countries for their inaction on global warming.

China – the biggest polluter in the world – was not on the list.

Greta has also been palling around with Arnold Schwarzenegger, a guy who has a garage full of muscle cars and tanks, as well as supreme hypocrite Leonardo DiCaprio, who once took a private jet to pick up an environmental award.


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Via Infowars
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