Project Veritas is about to release bombshell recordings of CNN President Jeff Zucker admitting that the network is only covering Trump’s impeachment for ratings with no expectation he will actually be impeached.

The new tapes are about to drop today with James O’Keefe promising the revelations will be the “story of the year.”

In the tapes, Zucker orders CNN staffers to ensure blanket coverage of attempts to impeach President Trump simply for ratings, admitting that the impeachment process itself will go nowhere.

The insider who leaked the recordings has been collecting information for 6 months and is still secretly embedded within the news network.

He has collected hundreds of hours of recordings which are so voluminous, Project Veritas is still sifting through them.

James O’Keefe will appear on the show today in the second hour to discuss the bombshell new tapes.

O’Keefe teased the release of the tapes earlier by leaking audio of Zucker discussing them.

“Let’s just do our jobs and not worry about it, okay?” Zucker tells staffers.


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Via Infowars
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