An 11-year-old girl in rural Pakistan was stoned to death by her own parents to the point where her face was unrecognizable over an alleged plan to elope.

The honor killing occurred in the village of Shahi Makan in Pakistan’s Sindh province on November 21.

According to Gulf News, police arrested the parents of the girl on Saturday after news of the murder began to spread on social media.

The parents claimed the girl had died “accidentally due to land sliding on the mountain,” but evidence points to a plot by her father to kill the 11-year-old over a forbidden relationship she had begun with another person.

“We are further verifying facts but we have arrested the deceased girl’s parents and an Imam who had led the funeral prayer, as well as another man who had facilitated her burial,” said a police source.

NationalFile reports that the girl was executed so brutally that her face and head were unrecognizable following the killing.

What kind of monstrous culture or belief system would justify the gory murder of their children for such a petty reason?

And why are we importing this culture into the west?


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