A New York Times writer who praised Hillary Clinton for wearing a white pantsuit called Tulsi Gabbard a “cult leader” for wearing exactly the same thing.

Style writer Vanessa Friedman had drooled over Hillary’s clothing back in 2016, calling her white pantsuit “presidential.”

However, when Gabbard, a fierce critic of Clinton, wore virtually the exact same outfit, Friedman said it made her look like a “cult leader” full of “combative righteousness” and that the white fabric has “connotations of the fringe, rather than the center” and even undermines “community building.”

Journalist Glenn Greenwald highlighted the fact that it’s normally considered sexist to judge women on their clothing, but that an exception had been made for Gabbard.

Another Twitter user pointed out that Friedman had also previously praised Democratic Congresswomen at Trump’s State of the Union for wearing white but lambasted Melania Trump for wearing the same color.

“Imagine choosing something as patently stupid as white pantsuits to expose your rank hypocrisy and blind hatred over,” remarked the Twitter user.

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“Only neoliberals and war hawks can wear white suites apparently,” added another.

Apparently, wearing white is a brave expression of purity and leadership, unless you challenge the Democratic establishment or the deep state, at which point it suddenly makes you a “cult leader.”

And people wonder why mainstream journalism is dying.


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