Newly elected British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to boycott Davos, with one government source remarking, “Our focus is on delivering for the people, not champagne with billionaires.”

Johnson’s newly formed Conservative government will not attend the annual confab of global elitists.

According to the Daily Mail, “Boris Johnson has banned ministers from attending next month’s Davos summit – the annual gathering of the global elite.”

One government source told the newspaper, “Our focus is on delivering for the people, not champagne with billionaires.”

The decision to boycott Davos is in line with Johnson branding his new administration, which crushed the left-wing Labour Party in last week’s vote, “the people’s government.”

It remains to be seen if there will be any UK government representative at next year’s Bilderberg Group conference, which is seen by some as more powerful than Davos given its secrecy.

In refusing to attend Davos, Johnson is following in the footsteps of President Trump, who scrapped a scheduled delegation to the World Economic Forum back in January, although the reason given for nixing it was the partial government shutdown.


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