New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow lauded the “inevitable” demographic decline of white people in order to bring down the “white male racist patriarchy”.

Blow, who is notorious for his schizophrenic obsession with identity politics, doesn’t waste any time labeling all Trump supporters as racist in the very first sentence of his article, writing, “The white male racist patriarchy will not be denied. It is having a moment. It has its own president.”

He then goes on to express thinly veiled glee at the “demographic displacement” of white people.

“We are living through a flagrant display of a white male exertion of power, authority and privilege, a demonstration meant to underscore that they will forcefully fight any momentum toward demographic displacement, no matter how inevitable the math,” writes Blow.

Blow ends his piece by lamenting that white America will not concede power “until its death rattle.”

This once against illustrates the media’s outright double standard when it comes to discussing demographic changes.

Anyone on the right who raises the issue is accused of discussing “white genocide” and is conflated with white supremacists and extremists.

It seems it’s only possible to highlight the demographic decline of white people without a backlash if you agree that it’s a good thing.


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