A leftist who works for a charity called ‘Happy City’ called for Nigel Farage to be acid attacked before deleting the tweet.

The comment was made in response to the Brexit Party leader having a milkshake thrown over him yesterday in Newcastle.

“Bravo to Paul Crowther, good on you mate. Great that milkshakes have become a thing when it comes to racists in our midst,” tweeted Ruth Townsley, before adding, “I’d prefer acid but milkshakes will do for now I guess.”

Townsley deleted the tweet after it began to receive attention and subsequently deactivated her entire Twitter account.

She was previously captured on camera at a protest in 2017 shouting at activists who attended a ‘Gays Against Sharia’ march.

The Happy City charity subsequently issued a statement distancing themselves from Townsley’s tweet and said they were investigating the matter.

The man who threw the milkshake at Farage was immediately arrested before doing a series of media interviews which largely lionized his act, with the BBC describing the assault as Crowther merely “expressing his views”.

The media has consistently endorsed political violence in the form of milkshake attacks, including this headline in the left-wing Independent yesterday titled ‘Nigel Farage getting hit by a milkshake isn’t funny, it’s absolutely hilarious’.

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This differs from how the left and the press reacted to a man shouting mean words at pro-EU politician Anna Soubry, which was treated as some kind of hysterical moral panic.

As I document in the video below, such tactics are likely to backfire massively given that Farage’s Brexit Party is widely tipped to win by a wide margin in Thursday’s EU election.


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