Kanye West raised the prospect of “going Alex Jones level” as he railed against cancel culture and the attempt to diminish Christianity in America.

West, who just dropped his highly anticipated Christian album Jesus is King, made the statement during a recent interview.

The music icon mentioned Jones in response to a question about if he was afraid of losing his audience over his political opinions.

“I told you I’m only afraid of God. I’m only afraid of my daddy, God,” responded Kanye.

“God is showing that you can have your own thoughts, bro. I been cancelled before we had cancel culture. Who told you that my career would be over? The same people that are telling you that you can’t have a right to say who you would vote for?” he added.

Kanye warned that there was an effort to diminish Christianity in America, asserting, “Those people would be soon to take Jesus out the school. Those people would be soon to remove Jesus, period, from America. Which is the Bible Belt.”

He continued: “Those people would be soon – man, come on man, I’m not trying to go Alex Jones level on you, man. Come on, man, like, wake up Mr. West. Wake up, Culture.”

“Everybody thinks they’re so woke but they’re following the rules of what woke [is] supposed to be,” Kanye concluded.


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Via Infowars
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