Mainstream media journalists completely freaked out and attempted to ‘fact check’ a meme after President Trump posted an obviously photoshopped image of himself awarding the ‘hero dog’ that helped hunt down Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi a medal.

After Trump tweeted out the image, which anyone with eyes could see was photoshopped and had been circulating on the Internet for hours beforehand, Voice of America reporter Steve Herman tweeted that he had “requested details” from the White House and that “no such canine event” was on Trump’s schedule.

After being roundly ridiculed for treating a meme as if it was a real event, Herman proceeded to spam his own tweet threat with justifications while lashing out at people who laughed at him.

Numerous respondents sardonically congratulated him for his stunning “scoop.”

The New York Times felt the need to devote an entire report to the fact that the image was “altered.” Thanks, NY Times, I would never have known.

CNN’s Jim Acosta also broke the astounding revelation that the dog was not in fact at the White House.

Meanwhile, Mieke Eoyang screeched that Trump was putting out “fake news,” unaware of the fact that a meme is not a piece of ‘news’.

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“The President is disseminating fake news,” she tweeted. “The President is sharing fake news about the nation’s highest valor award.”

The left and the media’s reaction to the image once again underscores how they are completely baffled by the purpose and intention of memes and will brazenly humiliate themselves in an effort to “fact check” satire.



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Via Infowars
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