An ISIS flag was repeatedly raised over a refugee camp in Syria as guards continue to be violently attacked by ISIS supporters in the camp.

The flag was raised over the al-Hawl refugee camp in northern Syria which holds individuals displaced from Islamic State group-occupied territory and has a population of around 74,000.

“Several pics and videos show kids raising the Tawheed banner as used by ISIS. This comes after restrictions by the administration after camp guards were stabbed,” tweeted journalist Björn Stritzel.

A video of children chanting “Allahu Akbar” while pointing at the flag as women in full burkas look on can be viewed here.

The ISIS flag was also raised near a fence in the camp last week, while female “refugees” also put out a video pledging their allegiance to ISIS.

“Some days ago, a young SDF guard at al-Hawl camp was stabbed by ISIS supporters in the camp, the second stabbing attack in the last month,” said Stritzel.

“The ISIS supporters in al-Hawl are a growing threat, spreading pictures of specific guards at the camp and calling for attacks on them,” he adds.

After the ISIS flag was removed, another one was raised, while radicals at the camp are also unhappy about the fact UNHCR tents include a cross-shaped window, calling this “Christian Proselytism”.

As we previously reported in 2017, an Arab Christian Pastor said that he has seen multiple ISIS flags in numerous different Swedish refugee centers and that staff at the centers are trying to radicalize newly arrived migrants.

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“In various asylum homes in the country, I have seen the ISIS flag,” said Merzek Botros.

A 2015 poll found that 21 per cent of Syrians supported ISIS.

The best solution is obviously to import them all into the west.


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