Left-wing outlet the Guardian complained about President Trump and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán “manspreading” during their White House meeting today.

During the newspaper’s live coverage of the meeting, the Guardian’s Lauren Aratani wrote, “Trump is in the Oval Office, talking to the press alongside Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán. They’re both man-spreading on a pair of yellow leather chairs.”

For those of you who have somehow avoided the contrived controversy over “manspreading,” it’s a pejorative term used by social justice activists to describe men sitting down with their legs spread apart.

According to their narrative, this isn’t done because of the physiological fact that men have a penis and balls, it’s a veiled misogynistic way of entrenching the patriarchy.

As we previously reported, Transport for London ads appeared last month lecturing men on how to “sit properly” while using public transport.

Elsewhere in the Guardian piece, Aratani complained about Trump praising Orbán as having “done the right thing, according to many people on immigration.”

Orbán closed the country’s borders shortly after the start of the 2015 migrant wave. He went on to become the most popular leader in Europe.


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