According to GQ Magazine, “new masculinity” is men wearing earrings and giant dresses that resemble sleeping bags while crying.

Yes, really.

“@Pharrell covers GQ’s New Masculinity issue, an exploration of identity, culture, and style in 2019,” tweeted the magazine.

The cover shot shows the musician wearing an earring while dressed in what many people are describing as a cross between a dress and a sleeping bag.

Other images from the shoot show Pharrell crying and wearing a long leopard print coat.

According to GQ editor-in-chief Will Welch, the issue is “an exploration of the ways that traditional notions of masculinity are being challenged, shifted, and overturned” as part of masculinity’s “Shut Up and Listen moment” in a “pervasive culture of sexual intimidation and violence and blatant gender inequality.”

“This GQ cover celebrates a feminization of men, not masculinity. Real masculinity is the desire & ability to protect, the desire to lead, strength & emotional fortitude. Masculinity is NOT the chauvinistic BS media perpetuates & nor is this cover. Men don’t go to war in a dress,” commented Robby Starbuck.

As we document in the video below, the new definition of “masculinity” is not what it used to be.

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