Google chose to recognize father’s day with a ‘gender neutral’ doodle and a link to an article which didn’t mentions father’s day once.

The doodle cartoon for father’s day depicted a family which looked something like a cross between Teletubbies and ducks.

The search giant also provided a link to an article entitled ‘parenting 101’ which didn’t mention father’s day at all.

Another image depicted the father figure as a cactus rather than an actual man.


“Because celebrating men in any way would exclude women, and we can’t have that in 2019, now can we?” commented one respondent.

As I previously highlighted, in many regions of the world Google’s ‘doodle’ failed to recognize Easter for two years running, leading actor James Woods to remark, “they loathe Christians”.

The Silicon Valley giant routinely devotes doodles to Islamic figures and Hindu holidays, but lied in claiming that “we don’t have Doodles for religious holidays,” when faced with criticism about its refusal to acknowledge Easter.

Meanwhile, on the subject of father’s day, as the video below highlights, masculinity is in big trouble.


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Via Infowars

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