A giant billboard being displayed in central London encourages women to cheat on their husbands.

The poster, which is located near Westminster Bridge, shows photos of Donald Trump, Melania Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Melania is turned away from Trump and looking at Trudeau.

“Married to one man but fantasizing about others?” the poster asks. “You need to try…EVEEDA.com.”

The website is an Ashley Madison-type platform with the tagline “Created by women. For women. To have discreet affairs.”


With divorce rates and depression at all time highs and birth rates at all time lows, surely what western countries need is websites encouraging women to cheat on their partners, a process that will cause untold pain and suffering and lead to the breakup of relationships. Right?

As we previously reported, another billboard seen in London encourages white people to get sterilized.

Meanwhile, as we recently highlighted, a married mother of four in Australia was publicly shamed on television for making breakfast for her husband.

Wanting to take care of your spouse in the context of a happy, stable monogamous marriage is bad, but wanting to be a whore and stab your husband in the back is apparently something to be celebrated.


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Via Infowars
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