Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing says that conservatism in 2019 is about conserving “American liberalism.”

Boreing was responding to the controversy over followers of Nick Fuentes crashing a Turning Point USA event to grill Charlie Kirk on why conservatives appear to be embracing degeneracy and LGBT politics.

“What these retrograde losers don’t understand is that what American conservatives want to conserve is American liberalism,” tweeted Boreing.

OK, then.

Modern conservatives claim to be fighting a “culture war” yet have ceded ground on every single battle to the point where their position resembles what liberals believed less than ten years ago.

Progressives are dragging the Overton Window to the fringes of the left and modern conservatives are dutifully tracking behind.

Where is their line in the sand? In 10 years, will so-called conservatives be embracing Drag Queen Story Time and forced medication of 7-year-old transgender kids?


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Via Infowars
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