The creator of Men in Black Ed Solomon was told during a conversation with social justice warriors that having an opinion on his own movie was ‘old white mansplaining’.

Yes, really.

“At the cafe where I’m writing the people next to me were disagreeing about the origins of Men in Black & I said “If you’d like, I could clear that up for you” & one responded: “I’m sorry, we do not need an old white male’s mansplanation.” So I apologized and that was that,” tweeted Solomon.

Solomon added that this wasn’t a one off interaction, he had been conversing with the group beforehand.

He subsequently tweeted that one of the group apologized to him for using the term “old” (but not ‘mansplanation’) and that they were having a “bad day.”

Perhaps the most depressing aspect of this story is that Solomon apologized for having an opinion on his own movie in the first place.


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