Paul Joseph Watson: CNN Contributor Says Trump’s Praise For ISIS-Killing Conan the Dog Was “Terrifying”

A CNN contributor reacted to Conan the dog, the canine who helped kill ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, being presented to the media by President Trump by claiming that the whole experience was “terrifying.”

Yes, really.

“This is terrifying. Trump and Melania exude coldness to Conan the hero dog. Melania, whose coat is slightly macabre (to me, but others may find it lovely), moves away from Conan multiple times,” tweeted CNN political contributor Joan Walsh, who is also the author of a book called What’s the Matter With White People?

“Trump tells you how incredible “this particular type of dog” is, repeatedly, but he clearly can’t remember the name of the breed or other details. He tells us he really wanted the dog to be muzzled, which tells you about his fear,” she added.

But that wasn’t enough. Walsh felt the need to add another tweet asserting that Trump’s “command of the language rivals (maybe) a five-year-old.”

Respondents were not impressed.

“Sounds like you are still grieving the austere religious scholar that blew himself up because of Conan!!” remarked one.

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“The TDS force is strong with this one,” said another, referring to Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Meanwhile, leftist UK comedian Frankie Boyle was similarly perturbed by the whole scene, appearing to br triggered by Conan receiving a medal because, “Two children died in this raid.”

The two children were killed by the leader of ISIS when he blew himself up.


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