A video out of China shows police locking a potential coronavirus victim in her own home.

The clip shows two officers padlocking the door while asking the resident inside, “Do you have enough rice and vegetables at home?“

“I think so,” responds the person inside.

“OK, so don’t come out,” responds the officer, adding, “We are locking your door from outside. Don’t come out. It’s good for everyone.”

Some areas of China like Heilongjiang province have announced that they will impose the death penalty on anyone who “intentionally spreads the coronavirus to cause public harm.”

Whether “intentionally” can be defined as anyone who breaks a quarantine remains to be seen.

As we highlighted yesterday, grisly footage shows the aftermath of a woman who was shot in the head for trying to break through a coronavirus roadblock.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases has jumped to 24,300 infections and 490 deaths.

The World Health Organization warned countries against imposing travel restrictions to tackle the coronavirus outbreak, asserting that doing so would create “fear and stigma.”


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