Bill Gates says it was a “mistake” to meet with Jeffrey Epstein 5 years after the sex trafficker was convicted of soliciting a minor.

Gates met with Epstein numerous times, including in 2013 while Gates was the chairman of Microsoft and years after Epstein had served almost 13 months in prison for procuring for prostitution a girl below age 18.

Following these meetings, Epstein worked with Gates to funnel $2 million dollars to MIT for unspecified projects, donations that the research lab later tried to cover up.

According to the billionaire philanthropist, his meetings and business dealings with Epstein were just a harmless mistake.

Speaking at The New York Times Dealbook Conference in New York, Gates acknowledged that he helped Epstein get “back in the mainstream” as a result of the meetings.

“My doing that was a mistake,” said Gates.

Gates went on to claim that the investments Epstein promised him did not materialize.

“None of that money ever appeared, and I gave him some benefit by the association, so I made a doubly wrong mistake there,” he said.


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