Video hosting platform Vimeo has banned Project Veritas in yet another flagrant example of Big Tech censoring journalism.

“BREAKING UPDATE: @Vimeo has BANNED our account days after @YouTube PULLED our video,” tweeted James O’Keefe.

Vimeo claimed that Project Veritas had uploaded videos that were “hateful, defamatory or discriminatory”.

In reality, O’Keefe’s crime was to embarrass Big Tech and once again prove they are engaging in election meddling and partisan censorship under the guise of patrolling “hate”.

The ban occurred hot on the heels of YouTube removing a Project Veritas video that featured a Google executive admitting the company is doing everything in its power to stop President Trump winning re-election.

“Big Tech’s suppression of conservative voices continues. Wake up people. Before it’s too late,” tweeted Donald Trump Jr.

This proves two things; That the “hate” designation is now flagrantly being abused to just outright censor legitimate journalism.

It also illustrates how the left doesn’t care about “hate speech,” they just hate speech. Period.


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Via Infowars
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