Paul Joseph Watson: 4chan Trolls Planning to Relaunch “It’s Okay to be White” Stunt

4chan trolls are planning to repeat a stunt where they post “It’s okay to be white” posters around cities and college campuses in order to force the media into generating a fresh moral panic about racism.

The “it’s okay to be white” meme was a troll started by 4chan in 2017 as a way to trigger leftists into revealing their own anti-white bigotry.

Since then it has appeared on signs which have been posted in major western cities on numerous occasions.

Now users of the controversial forum are planning to repeat the stunt on October 31st.

“IOTBW posters are going up again Oct 31st, media freakout should be even crazier because of “muh white nationalist terrorism,” states one post on 4chan. “Get ready, print posters, get your costume, spread the word. Let’s do this right.”


Another post encourages people to use the original poster and not change anything about it.

“Once you do something effective that goes against the liberal narrative they will try to attack you with everything they have,” states the post.

Another post reveals that an unnamed school has already alerted students and faculty as to the prospect of the signs appearing on campus.


Many have commented that the stunt is particularly cunning because it forces the left to adopt the ideologically bigoted view that it isn’t ‘okay’ to be white, thus revealing them to be the actual racists.

When the posters were plastered around Emmaus, Pennsylvania last year, Borough Manager Shane Pepe called them a “distasteful” act of “vandalism.”

“I mean, we’re surrounded by white privilege nowadays, it’s just a fact…so it’s completely racist to say ‘it’s OK to be white’,” Joshua Westbrook told WFMZ.

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