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The virus crisis in America is leading towards the unraveling of the social fabric. A string of robberies has been reported across the East Coast with suspects wearing medical masks. 

The Hill reports that the robberies appear unrelated, but as we’ve noted before, organized crime gangs could be on the prowl.

Medical masks are perfect covers to shield one’s identity. That’s what happened late last month when two men robbed a bank in the Atlanta suburb of Smyrna. 

Earlier this month, two men wearing medical masks robbed three workers transporting $200,000 at the Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens, New York. 

Last week, a medical mask-wearing man robbed a Boston bank, then the same thing happened in New Jersey. 

People wearing medical masks in public settings are becoming the norm these days, as a fast-spreading virus has so far infected 3,802 people and killed 69. Education systems, restaurants, bars, shops, and gyms have been asked to shut down in New York and California. Mass gatherings are starting to be banned or at least limited in some regions across the country as social distancing is in an attempt to flatten the curve and keep infections down to prevent hospital systems from being overwhelmed. 

The National Guard was called up Friday and is deploying 1,000 troops across six states. A new risk is developing, one where organized crime gangs could start targeting shops and or communities during a nationwide shutdown. 

To sum up, the virus crisis sweeping across America could lead to a surge in crime. Also, when the economy experiences below-trend growth, an increase in crime usually follows. And now it makes sense, why instead of food, people are loading up on weapons… 

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