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On Strike! UAW workers walk out on GM

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Via Fox Business

The United Auto Workers went on a nationwide strike against General Motors on Sunday night after contract talks broke off Sunday.

It is the first strike against GM in 12 years.

Talks will resume Monday morning.

Union officials say both sides are far apart in the talks, while GM says it has made significant offers.

UAW represents workers at 33 manufacturing sites and 22 parts warehouses across the country.

On Sunday, President Trump tweeted for the two sides to make a deal.

A person briefed on the bargaining told the Associated Press that General Motors has offered the UAW new products for two assembly plants that it had planned to close.

General Motors says it presented what it believes was a strong offer including improved wages and benefits and investments in eight facilities in four states.

The strike will affect GM plants in Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, New York, Texas and elsewhere in the U.S.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.

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