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Areas to be blacked out in yellow.

In a major unprecedented move, PG&E will shut off power to nearly 800,000 customers in a bid to prevent the risk of wildfire in the wake of projected severe wind events hitting the state this week, PG&E said in a statement.

PG&E will begin the outage in some areas just after midnight Wednesday morning, starting with northern counties in the state.

Portions of 34 counties will be impacted by the outages.

But here is the real kicker:

Power could be out for several days after the wind event.

“Before restoring power, PG&E must inspect its equipment for damage and make any necessary repairs. That process cannot begin until the severe weather event has subsided,” the company said.

Of course, the real problem here is having the wrong type of power lines for the area.

One wonders how things would be different if there was competition in power service instead of a government-granted monopoly. PG&E would be losing customers in droves right now.

Naturally, the California government is acting tough when it is responsible for granting the monopoly.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

California’s governor says residents should be outraged and infuriated by news of a widespread power shut-off to prevent deadly wildfires but that the utility had no choice.

Gov. Gavin Newsom said Tuesday that Pacific Gas & Electric had to make the decision to cut off electricity as forecasts call for hot, dry winds that could spark wildfires.

But he said the company must upgrade and fix its technology so customers do not face anything like this again.

Please remember, governments don’t solve problems, they are posers and create them.

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