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New York City’s recently-approved “Green New Deal” (not to be confused with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s environmental wish-list) will slash the amount of red meat served in municipally-run facilities by half in order to combat climate change, according to Breitbarts Josh Caplan. 

The $14 billion “Green New Deal” will phase out purchases of processed meats in city-run schools, hospitals and correctional facilities by 2040, amid an overall cut in purchases of 50 percent. New York would be the first city in the world to adopt such a policy, and was announced after New York Schools adopted “Meatless Monday” in an effort to encourage the consumption of less meat. 

Chloe Waterman, who serves as Program Manager for the Climate-Friendly Food Program at Friends of the Earth, said of De Blasio’s proposal in a statement: “New York City is strengthening its climate leadership by acknowledging the importance of slashing consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions associated with factory farmed meat. Eliminating processed meat and cutting red meat purchases will pay dividends for the health of future generations and the planet.” –Breitbart

“We applaud Mayor de Blasio, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, and all of the advocates who made today’s announcement possible. We hope other cities will soon follow suit, said Waterman.

De Blasio (D) said on Monday during the Green New Deal announcement on Monday that he also plans to introduce a bill banning the construction of glass skyscrapers in an effort to reduce citywide greenhouse emissions by 30%. 

“We are going to ban the classic glass and steel skyscrapers, which are incredibly inefficient,” said the Mayor on MSNBC‘s ‘Morning Joe’ Monday morning. 

At one point during that press conference, Mark Chambers, director of the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, chimed in to clarify that there would be no prohibition on buildings made from glass. “I want to call out that it doesn’t mean that buildings can’t use glass anymore,” he said. And the mayor himself followed the “ban” language with a less bold proclamation.

“If a company wants to build a big skyscraper,” he said, “they can use a lot of glass if they do all the other things needed to reduce the emissions.” In other words, skyscrapers made out of glass and steel will not be banned; instead, they will be required to meet certain energy-efficiency standards. –Curbed

As part of the Green New Deal, New York will power all of the city’s operations with energy generated from clean sources, such as Canadian hydropower. The city is also rolling out the mandatory recycling of organics, congestion traffic pricing, and phasing out city-wide purchases of single-use plastic utensils. 

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The so-called “Green New Deal” – or Climate Mobilization Act, was passed last Thursday in a 45-2 vote.