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You wouldn’t know it from watching CNN or MSNBC – where their amplified voices exaggerate their actual influence – but ‘Never Trump’ Republicans are an increasingly rare breed these days.

President Trump enjoys a 90% approval rating among Republicans, and even Mitt Romney, his biggest Republican critic in the Senate, probably wouldn’t describe himself as a #NeverTrumper, even after making all of those speeches imploring voters to reject then-candidate Trump, and – of course – being passed over for Secretary of State.

But on Twitter and in the “fake news” media, the ‘Never Trump’ perspective is still ‘an important part of the conversation’. Which makes it even funnier when a media outlet like the Daily Caller unearths an embarrassing flip flop from one of the movement’s stalwarts.

John Weaver, a former Kasich strategist, has registered as a foreign agent of JSC Technabexport on May 10. Weaver will be paid $350,000 to provide “strategic advice and to lobby Congress and the Trump administration” regarding a variety of issues, including “sanctions or other restrictions in the area of atomic (nuclear) energy.”

But shortly after Trumps electoral victory in November 2016, he tweeted that Putin needed to face “sanctions from Hell” and insisted that Russia had interfered specifically to help Trump. And his hostile tweets continued until earlier this year.

Weaver told the DC that his efforts to spare JSC Technabexport, which is wholly owned by the Russian government, from sanctions will be “in line with US national security interests.” And though he acknowledged that the optics weren’t great, said he would continue to call out the Trump administration when he felt they were doing something wrong.

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