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Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that NATO getting closer to the nation’s borders poses a threat to the country, as the alliance keeps beefing up military might and citing Moscow as a perceived threat.

Speaking at a defense-themed event on Tuesday, Putin said that NATO’s outdated “bloc-focused” way of thinking cannot serve as a “good instrument for making effective decisions” in the present-day world.

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The president was commenting on the NATO summit, which is currently under way in London.

Today we must consider the fact that the enlargement of NATO and the development of its military infrastructure near our borders is one of potential threats to the security of our country.

The Russian leader said that the US-led alliance did not stop admitting new member states even after the Cold War ended with the breakup of the USSR.

As we know, the Soviet Union doesn’t exist anymore, and neither does the Warsaw Pact military bloc, which was created [by the USSR and its allies in Eastern Europe] in response to the creation of NATO. But NATO not only continues to exist, it continues to develop.


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