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Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani responded to Donald Trump’s threats on Monday following Tehran’s announcement that its stockpiles of enriched uranium have exceeded the limits set out in the 2015 nuclear deal.

The US threats would have the opposite effect on Iranian nation, the head of Iran’s parliament said during a live broadcast on state television on Tuesday:

Mr Trump should understand that when one uses bullying language against a civilised nation, they become more united.

Although Trump himself had unilaterally pulled out of the 2015 nuclear agreement, he warned Iran on Monday that its decision to exceed the terms of the agreement was “playing with fire.” He also reiterated that he had not forgiven Iran for the downing of US surveillance drone last month. Although he had not gone through with a counter-strike at the time, Trump stated that his clemency had given him license to “do far worse, if something should happen” in the future.

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Iran’s enriched uranium stockpiles exceed nuclear deal caps

Tehran had repeatedly said it would partially suspend its commitments if the European Union failed to take “practical and tangible steps” to help facilitate trade and protect the Iranian economy from US sanctions.

The deputy chairman of the Iranian parliament, Mahmoud Pezeshkian, expressed doubts it would be possible to negotiate with the US again after their withdraw from the agreement and provocative gestures in the Persian Gulf. 

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