Nadex Review 2020 (Podcast Episode 80)

Nononsense Forex

This is a Nadex review from a professional Forex trader.


But I am NOT an options trader.  However….


….most of the reviews you see online are not from options traders either.


What I do know, is I’ve been dismissive of options trading for 10 years, and now that I’ve seen what Nadex can do, maybe I should have been paying more attention.


Nadex wants No Nonsense Forex traders (I’ve come to find out, almost everyone does), so there will be links for bonuses near the bottom of this blog post.


My Initial Beef


Two of the many common concepts we rally against here at No Nonsense Forex are the idea of Price Levels and using ratios to determine when to exit a trade.


Options trading does not use ratios as much as certain points in time where you must exit your trade.


No bueno.  Absolute deal-breaker.  Money Management is everything, and I cannot have anything else telling me when or where to take off my trade.  Nope.  Forget it.


Plus, I’m over still trying to master my own FX trading system, metals, and everything else going on in my life, it would take a lot of motivation for me to refocus what I was doing, and because of this, the motivation was not there.


And on top of it all, binary options affiliate scammers spam the bajeezus out of my YouTube channel, making me even less excited.


But I was not correct in my assessment.  At least not as it pertains to modern day options trading.


Not only is options trading a big beautiful world with a heavy focus on Money Management, it’s less restrictive than I thought.

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Meet Your New Go-To


Dan Cook knows more about options trading than just about anyone you’ll ever come across, and is ready to take on the job of being the main educator for all No Nonsense Forex traders who want to join up with Nadex and start trading options.


Education with something like this is really key, in option trading there’s the educated and there’s the constantly frustrated.


Here is a video he did just for the blog.  If you sign up for an account at the bottom of this blog post, there will be more education included (more on this later).


With the skills you’ve already learned here, this could very well be not only a nice transition, but the type of trading which has been made for you this entire time.


Only one way to find out.


Basic Specs


I won’t spend much time on this, but it’s only appropriate to know who you’re dealing with.


These are the countries who can trade with Nadex.


Nadex is governed by the CFTC, as they are an American company based out of Chicago, IL.


They are an off-shoot of IG US, which we proudly affiliate for here at No Nonsense Forex.


You can trade Forex, commodities and indices all in one place, which are the three markets we focus on most here.


The three types of options you can trade on Nadex are


  • Binary Options
  • Call Spreads
  • Touch Brackets


This is where I was completely uneducated.  There’s a lot more to options trading than I knew about.


And the best part about it has always been from a Money Management perspective where you’re protected from bad losses every step of the way.

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Other Benefits


Nadex is the largest retail options exchange, and there is safety in size.  Lots of other benefits of trading options as well, and we’ll list them below…


These are provided from Dan:


  • Low cost of entry and low capital requirements to trade
  • No pattern day trader rule, trade as much as you like day in day out (not important in the FX world, but could be for any options traders in the equity space
  • Contracts are structured with 100% defined risk without the use of stops. So basically, never get stopped out again.
  • Defined risk contracts mean there is never a possibility of a margin call
  • Trading 23 hours per day from Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon (again not important for FX traders, but equity, ETF or options traders could be big)


What You Get


It’s nothing over-the-top like a cash bonus, because the most tightly-regulated shops (which is exactly what we want) have a very hard time doing this.


IG US tried cash bonuses with us for a minute, but soon got rid of it.


For NNFX traders only, Dan Cook is doing 4 separate webinars.  People who sign up soon after this blog post comes out will get the chance to attend them live, anyone who signs up after will get to see them recorded.


One will be a general overview of the platform so everyone can make an easy transition, then the other 3 will be going over his best trade set-ups.


Again, with US companies, it’s tough to give a lot away, but the information in the exclusive webinars can lead to really great things down the road.

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Many of you can point to two or three NNFX videos which instantly changed everything in your trading.


What was that worth?


Some videos made instant impact, others inspired your creativity to go and find tools and strategies you would have never found otherwise.


All it takes is one.  You’re getting three, on top of the intro webinar.


Also, you will get a dedicated Customer Service Rep assigned to you.  Please do not bombard these poor people with questions you can find out yourself, but if there are any issues at all, you’ll have your own guy.


That’s big.  It’s been shown in the past how enhanced CS is extremely important to NNFX traders.  Because things happen, and important questions come up.  Nobody wants to wait or deal with somebody who doesn’t understand their situation.


This only applies to those who hit the requirements and click the link below.


Requirements And Link


First off, make sure your country can trade with Nadex.  The US can of course, but click the link I gave you above if you are outside of the US.


The minimum deposit for the above benefits is $250 USD.


Here is my affiliate link




I hope you love the experience.  Almost everyone who has clicked my links in the past have so far.


If you have any questions about this at all, Nadex will be happy to answer them.


In the US: 1-866-296-0167

Outside the US: 1-312-884-0162



— VP



Trading on Nadex involves risk and may not be appropriate for all investors.