A mysterious autonomous surface vessel recently washed ashore on the Isle of Tiree in Scotland, not far from the UK’s nuclear submarine base at Faslane, reported Forbes

The local HM Coastguard Rescue Team shared three pictures of the vessel on their Facebook page on Sept. 28, urging anyone with information about the “object’s origin and owner” to contact them:

The team were called today to reports of an object in the water, once on scene we secured the item. We are currently trying to find out some more information as to the origin and owner of the object. If anyone has any information please get in touch. Remember if you see something out of place on the coast please dial 9️⃣9️⃣9️⃣ and ask for the Coastguard. – HM Coastguard Rescue Team’s Facebook page 

Forbes said the vessel is a Wave Glider, manufactured by US defense contractor Liquid Robotics, is capable of traveling thousands of miles with mission endurance of one year. The vessel is currently in use with the US Navy and Britain’s Royal Navy and other government agencies and scientific researchers. 

Forbes makes it clear the Wave Glider found was likely on a spy mission:

There are a couple of unusual features about this particular Wave Glider which suggest a military rather than scientific mission. One is that is grey rather than the usual bright yellow, with no pennant to make it easier to see. There are no navigation lights, which are compulsory for any vessel sailing at night under UK law, or a radar reflector. Without these aids, the glider, which lies flat on the water, would be extremely difficult to spot. – Forbes

Spot the differences in Wave Gliders… 

Forbes contacted Britain’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) and asked about the vessel’s owner. An MoD spokesman responded by saying: “The vessel is not ours.” Neither did the US Navy nor Liquid Robotics respond to Forbes’ request to speak about the issue. 

Forbes said the “biggest users” of Wave Glider are the military. Here’s a tear-off sheet via Liquid Robotics of support sensors and payloads of the vessel: 

Now the question remains, what was the mysterious autonomous spy boat doing so close to the main highway for UK submarine operations from Faslane? 

Via Zerohedge

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