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Little guy wriggling more or less adroitly between boots of giants amid the internet advertising crisis for publishers. But WOLF STREET traffic jumped 30% this year. Thank you!!

By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET.

This has been a crazy year for the publishing business, where I’m just the little guy with my WOLF STREET media mogul empire, wriggling more or less adroitly between the boots of giants. The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and many other publications have reported record site traffic, and strong increase in subscription revenues, but a sharp decline in ad revenues. Google and Facebook have figured out how to get the lion’s share.

The giant of giants, Google has put itself at the center of the infrastructure of internet advertising with its various services and ad exchanges. And it has become a huge publisher of sorts via search and its various news services, without creating content. In the second quarter, it experienced a year-over-year revenue decline. And it appears, it’s squeezing publishers even more than before to boost its own results, from what I can see in my dealings with it. You get the drift. In the third quarter, Google reported gangbuster results.

Facebook, the other giant of giants in internet advertising, has also placed itself in the center of the ad business, but in a different manner, and it too reported an increase in revenues in the third quarter.

However, the publishers in the classic sense have gotten squeezed. The New York Times reported that in the third quarter, as subscription revenues rose 13%, ad revenues plunged 30%.

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News Corp, which owns the Wall Street Journal and many other big publications, TV channels, and other outlets around the world, said that its subscription revenues ticked up 0.7% while ad revenues plunged 45%.

The internet has changed the power structure of advertising, with Google and Facebook getting most of the spoils. This shift has been going on for years and has upended the newspaper publishing industry – long before Covid-19.

In February, McClatchy, the second-largest news publication group by circulation – Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Miami Herald, Kansas City Star, Sacramento Bee, Charlotte Observer, etc. – filed for bankruptcy. Another line item on a long list. Its assets were subsequently acquired by hedge fund Chatham Asset Management, which already owns the National Enquirer.

But it’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever done, and I’m having a blast.

For little guys like me, the internet opens doors to readers directly. That’s huge. In theory, advertising allows us to make our publications free, and open to all, and it doesn’t matter whether homeless and reading my site at the library or whether partner at Goldman Sachs and reading my site in a corner office.

I’m in a thrilling business, and I’m thrilled to be in it, and I work ungodly hours, doing what I love doing, and my humble site has been growing every year. But 2020 was special.

Traffic in the 10 months so far jumped by 30% year-over-year to 1.3 million pageviews per month on average (over 13 million pageviews in total). I spend zero money on advertising the site. Growth is all organic. So this 30% increase in traffic is great. Thank you, Dear Readers!

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Yet, like other publishers, despite the 30% growth in traffic, ad revenues dropped 17%. At one point, it was down a lot more.

I use four ad services and ad agencies, one of which is Google. But Google also backfills when the other ad services don’t have enough ads to post. If you’re overseas, you’re likely seeing only Google ads. Google ads are everywhere, directly and indirectly. Despite their large presence, Google ads account for less than one-third of total ad revenues.

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