• More states tighten restrictions
  • Merkel urges more restrictions on private gatherings
  • Mexico passed 1 million cases
  • Global cases are nearing 54.5 million
  • Hungary reported a record jump in cases
  • Iran sees new record
  • South Korea reports most new cases in 11 weeks

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More US states tightened restrictions on operating hours for non-essential businesses (including restaurants and bars) on Sunday evening, including Washington State and Michigan, who imposed some of the most restrictive measures since the post-LDW surge began.

As Dr. Fauci reminded us over the weekend, more data on the leading vaccine projects in the West is expected this week, with the FDA expected to deliver its emergency-use authorization to Pfizer’s vaccine, allowing the company to start selling it to the most vulnerable patients.

As some German officials propose a 4-5 month ‘severe’ lockdown to try and crush the virus and avoid “yo-yo” measures down the road, Chancellor Angela Merkel is reportedly pushing for more restrictions on private gatherings, after imposing new lockdown-type restrictions on businesses earlier this month. France, which imposed a similar partial lockdown to Germany, said Monday that it’s finally seeing signs of progress since imposing the newest restrictions.

US cases topped 11 million on Sunday, while Mexico became the 11th country to top 1 million confirmed COVID-19 cases. Mexico is also nearing 100,000 confirmed deaths (with the accurate total expected to be significantly higher).

Mexico’s government has largely ignored accepted safety guidelines and practices to fight COVID-19. Officials have gone against recommendations to wear face m

Globally, COVID-19 cases are nearing 54.5 million. New cases continued to slow over the last 24 hours as numbers in Europe started to soften a bit.

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Here’s some more COVID-19 news from overnight and Monday morning:

Hungary registered a record number of 6,495 new cases on Monday. While there’s still great pandemic pressure after stricter measures were introduced last week, there are still almost three times as many hospital beds available as hospitalized Covid-19 patients, Premier Viktor Orban said in a video posted on Facebook. However, the number of staff remains key to capacity. The coronavirus task force has recruited university students and commanded soldiers to help out in hospitals (Source: Bloomberg).

The pre-order made to seven suppliers through Europe’s ordering system would allow the vaccination of 45 million people, Les Echos reported, without citing sources. The first deliveries are slated for mid-January, with 4.4 million doses from AstraZeneca Plc and 3.5 million from BioNTech SE and Pfizer Inc. Supplies from Moderna Inc. and Novavax Inc. would follow from February (Source: Bloomberg).

UK PM Boris Johnson said he is in Johnson, 56, said in a tweet he will “continue to lead on our response to the virus.” Yet the development looks set to hinder his plan to regain control of the national agenda after a chaotic week. The prime minister overcame a bout of Covid-19 in late March and April that had him in intensive care for three nights (Source: Bloomberg).

Iran reports a record 13,053 new coronavirus infections and 486 deaths over the past 24 hours as the government says it will tighten restrictions. The country totals are at 775,121 cases and 41,979 fatalities (Source: Nikkei).

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Masks must be worn on Auckland public transport and on all domestic flights throughout New Zealand, effective from midnight Nov. 18, Minister for Covid-19 Response Chris Hipkins said in an emailed statement (Source: Bloomberg).

A vaccine from a unit of Johnson & Johnson is set to move to the third phase of clinical trials in the U.K. on Monday that will test the safety and effectiveness of the shot. The testing round by Janssen Pharmaceutical will include 6,000 volunteers and take place across 17 sites, according to a statement. The vaccine is the third candidate to be tested in the U.K., alongside one from an AstraZeneca Plc in partnership with the University of Oxford and another from Novavax Inc., it said (Source: Bloomberg).

South Korea reported 223 new cases in 24 hours, up from 208 a day earlier, according to data from the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency. The number is the biggest increase in 11 weeks (Source: Bloomberg).

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