Via Zerohedge

The CDU’s abysmal showing in last week’s EU Parliamentary election marked the party’s worst result ever in a national election. And apparently, the the loss of the CDU/CSU’s position as the largest party in the bloc’s largest legislative body was the last straw for Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is beginning to regret her decision to step aside as party leader last year to clear the way for her chosen successor, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, or AKK.

According to Bloomberg, Merkel is so frustrated with AKK following a series of missteps by the new CDU party leader and anointed candidate for the chancellorship in 2021 that she has decided that AKK is not up to the job of being Chancellor, and has decided to withdraw her political support.

Of course, Merkel’s ability to change the party’s direction is limited now that she has handed over control of the machinery. But Merkel’s decision is the latest sign that she is determined to stay on as Chancellor until her term ends, despite growing pressure from AKK and others within the party to step aside before the vote.

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