Widespread coolness is expected for more than half the country this week as a late-October Arctic blast makes temperatures feel like winter for millions of Americans across the Plains. 

The EC Operational Forecast (With Gray 32 Degree Fahrenheit Line) shows extreme temperature deviations could be more than 15 degrees below-average for much of the Plains this week. The Gray 32 Degree Fahrenheit Line dove into Northern Mexico on Monday and will stay there through Friday. 

The Arctic blast is the first season, with temperatures dipping to single digits in Denver on Tuesday morning. Albuquerque, New Mexico, recorded 15 degrees as the bitterly cold air pours in from the Arctic.  

US Temperature Map Tuesday 0700 ET 

Colder weather will expand to the Northeast Wednesday, with the Gray 32 Degree Fahrenheit Line moving below the Mason–Dixon line by Saturday morning. Here’s the EC Operational Forecast (With Gray 32 Degree Fahrenheit Line) for Saturday morning: 

“The 6 to 10-day temperature outlook keeps temperatures below average in parts of the Northeast and the South, then above-average temperatures return for most of the country in the 8 to 14-day outlook as we head into the first two weeks of November,” said NewsNation Chief Meteorologist Albert Ramon

For much of the country, US-Lower 48 Heating Degree Days for the next 15 days show Americans will likely turn up their thermostats as temperatures dip from now through Nov. 2, but as Ramon explained above, warmer weather could be ahead of the first half of next month. 

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US-Lower 48 Heating Degree Days for the next 45 days more or less shows Old Man Winter is arriving. 

Natgas hit two-year highs on Monday on the prospects of colder weather.  

Goldman recently forecasted dropping temperatures will dramatically slow down consumer activity. 

Colder weather and surging COVID-19 cases could be a double whammy that plunges the US economy into a double-dip recession

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